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Equilibrium Music was raised with the intent of providing a breeding ground for Darkwave, Neo-Classical, Medieval, Dark Folk, Ambient music and related genres in Portugal.

We have initiated our activities in August 2000 as a distribution company, initially carrying titles from labels such as Iris/Prikosnovenie, Cold Meat Industry or Palace of Worms, and we have issued our first release - a Digipak MCD which also sets the debut for Portuguese Ethereal/Neo-Classical acoustic act Dwelling - in September 2001.

In the year 2002, our releases were restricted to the release of Portuguese female-fronted Gothic/Wave sensation Aenima's "Never Fragile" CDEP (over 30 minutes playing time!), presented in yet another impressive deluxe packaging.

Late in the following year, Dwelling's first full-length release, "Humana", was finally finished, and officialy released on the 6th October, with a presentation show taking place at the Lisboa Water Museum. The album has received excellent reviews worldwide, and was recently licensed for an Hong Kong release through Orpheus' Music.

Surprisingly enough, the beginning of 2004 brought us the opportunity to work together with Ataraxia and Autunna et sa Rose, for the release of a very special live recording from an acoustic live concert that both artists held at a church, in Rovigo, and yet another fine surprise landed on our lap thanks to Mr. Roger Karmanik of Cold Meat Industry, who told us about Lupercalia, a former World Serpent artist who were seeking a new label for their album... After hearing a couple of songs, we contacted this talented project immediately, and a couple of months later Lupercalia's "Florilegium" would be released, offering a stunning blend of medieval and neoclassical music with eastern-influenced melodies.

Yet another addition to the Equilibrium Music group is Mr. Vittorio Vandelli, better known for his work with Ataraxia, where he plays guitar. Vittorio's first solo album, "A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven", was released in September 2004.

The last months of 2004 brought us in touch with the Swedish Puissance, and an agreement was finally reached for the re-issue of their classic debut, "Let Us Lead", previously announced on numerous occasions through various labels which ended up never materializing. This deluxe edition, in matte-black Digipak, complete with UV-spot varnish, completely re-designed artwork, is now available, and features also a bonus track and re-mastered sound.

2005 would bring to our attention The Moon and the Nightspirit and Íon, two debutant projects who have since joined Equilibrium Music. Hailing from Hungary, the duo The Moon and the Nightspirit have presented a delicate jewel of Ethereal Folk, whereas the Irish-based Íon, headed by former Anathema and Antimatter musician Duncan Pattersson, are preparing a very personal trip to the darker reaches of the Celtic spirit.

Our debut on vinyl format came in early 2006, with the release of Arditi's "Destiny of Iron", a limited edition 7"EP which should serve as an appetizer to their third album, "Standards of Triumph" also released via Equilibrium Music later that year.

The past year of 2007 was the busiest since the inception of Equilibrium Music. January met us straining under rigorous discipline, as we prepared the return of the warmachine, the release of Puissance's "Grace of God", their latest album in 4 years. "Back In Control", their second album, and also Arditi's debut "Marching on to Victory", were also released at the same time.

Still during the first semestre, not only did we have the opportunity to accomodate the comeback of Dwelling for their second long-awaited album "Ainda é Noite", but also release the brilliant "Regö Rëjtem" album by The Moon and the Nightpirit. The latter had its official release held at the "Trolls & Legendes" festival at Mons, Belgium, where the band received an award as the most promising act of the year.

During the early days of the Fall, two debutants on our roster marked their official releases. The Italian combo Hexperos, spawned out of the ruins of Gothica, released their "The Garden of the Hesperides". And meanwhile, the German/Dutch duo who conquered distance through proximity of heart, Poets to their Beloved unearthed "Embrace the Fool".

Still to come is the new opus by Arditi, "Omne Ensis Impera", hopefully before the next Winter Solstice.

We hope you enjoy our efforts - feel free to contact us.
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